Hiro Antagonist (hiro_antagonist) wrote in nikon_d200,
Hiro Antagonist

Some Photos

Almost forgot this place existed. To make up for it, some tasty D200 goodness!

Dominic: Cyborg (190)

AT&T Building (350)
A monolithic building for a monolithic company (AT&T).

Ringflash (348)
Building your own ringflash is fun! (note the catchlights)

Why Polarizing Filters Are Awesome :D (336)
Mmm, polarizing filter :D

Evil and Grainy and Black and White (313)
Being all grainy and evil looking.

Blue-Yellow (295)
Simple can be good.

Island Guardian of Ma (275)
An island guardian.

Meeting Ma (272)
A friend and her cat.

Kim: The Joy of Spot-Metering
The joy of spot-metering :D

Bugaboo (161)
A bugaboo.

Curves (173)
Light trails from street traffic.

Late at Night...
Long exposures for fun and profit.

Rail Contrast (241)
Who likes contrast? I do!
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