amen, amen (bloodblooms) wrote in nikon_d200,
amen, amen

Please forgive as I am ignorant about my own cameras

I am ordering the d200 tomorrow. It was originally intended to be a d80 but the more I read I realized the d200 was better for the money spent. I have heard it is compatible with any lens that fits on a nikon like a normal nikon would? I only have a quantaray lens (28-90mm) that fits a normal nikon slr (n65). I plan on going to our camera store to purchase a used lens (i know iffy but cheaper). I was wondering if anyone could verify that the first couple weeks that I have this camera that I would be able to use my old lens with it? I am hoping what I read is true I know you have to go through a set up and everythign within the camera. Any info and I will truly be indebted to responders :) thank you!
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